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Live Well Live Blessed
Live Well Live Blessed

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Holistic Wellness Coaching
For individuals seeking wellness in spirit, mind and body

As a Holistic Wellness Coach my goal is to help the client experience inner peace and a sense of total well-being. My coaching focuses on goals created by the client and brought into manifestation by my support through techniques of relaxation, meditation, visualization/imagery, breathing, and journaling. I also offer education and inspiration aimed at empowering you to live the best life you possibly can – from the inside out!

Whether your goal is to improve the quality of your life, enhance your work performance or your relationships with family and friends, holistic wellness coaching can be an asset. It is always a blessing for me to be a part of a client’s transformation to wellness in Spirit, mind and body.


If you are ready to live from the inside-out and experience the inner peace and well-being that you desire, I am ready to listen and to help you to design a holistic program that will get you on the road to wellness.

Individual coaching

This can be done in person or on the phone. Many people like the option of phone coaching because it offers more flexibility in time (morning or evening) and location (you can be in the comfort of your own home). Because of the nature of the programs the major requirements are that you are in a place free of distractions, where you can be comfortable and where you can experience the silence.

Coaching packages are available in four one hour sessions/once per week; four 45 minute sessions/once per week; four 30 minute sessions/one per week. All packages offer a free initial consultation. Email support can be arranged. As a gift to the client, some of the coaching packages are delivered with one of the many products that enhance the INtime™ program. (See Products page)

Group coaching

Groups are typically 5-10 in size, and programs are designed to fit the needs of the group. Whether it is a group at work, a group of friends, a group of moms or dads, wellness is always welcome. The INtime™ program is offered to:

  1. Workplaces
  2. Corporate gatherings
  3. Retreats – spiritual, business, family, friends
  4. Spas
  5. Youth groups
  6. Student groups
  7. Women’s groups
  8. Church groups
  9. Brides to be
  10. Stay-at-home moms
  11. Care givers – in-home or medical facilities
  12. Recovery facilities
  13. Elderly/Retirees

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